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steel space frame blanking process

Steel pipe raw materials should be reviewed before feeding, and it can be delivered after the qualified side. HID-900MTS CNC lathe tap pipe coherent line cutting machine should be used for cutting. The optical fiber laser cutting quality of space frames parts meets the technical standards. The cone head of the steel space frame spare parts is fed with garden steel, and the cone head blank can not experience defects such as burning and cracks before calcination. After forging, the quenching process is required, and the oxidation skin is sent out . After the calcination, the indoor staircase and the inner wall of the rod, the small end and the electric welding weld, and the flatness of both sides of the cone head shall meet the technical standards. When assembling cone head and pipe fittings, ensure a 2-2mm gap between the middle beam and the cone head, and the top of the cone head on both sides of the rod and the flatness of the steel pipe separator ensure 20.5R, R is the radius of the middle and low gear of the cone head and the diameter of the 0.01.   After the assembly line, NXC-2500KR double automatic welding machine for arc welding. The tensile strength of the welding parts shall be tested, and the bearing capacity inspection index value should take into account the requirements of the specification. Various forms of installation, including: integrated service weighing of steel pipe and steel pipe scaffolding platform; high altitude weighing; ground assembly, high altitude block lifting and connection; ground assembly, lifting rod; assembly of high altitude integrated service platform, block guide rail load assembly, etc.steel space frame spare parts construction quality top priority control ball grid frame lax bending stiffness, load control, etc.In terms of load control, it is forbidden to add load before the fulcrum structure is timely and fixed, so as to avoid the deformation of the steel space frame ball or even the collapse accident.

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A. The construction personnel should carefully check the construction drawings, and if any problems are found, they should immediately raise them to the technical person in charge to avoid problems.
solve the problem in time.
B. The size of important nodes must be staked out or calculated.
C. The measuring tools used for stakeout, blanking and component assembly and inspection must be qualified measuring tools verified by the measurement and testing department.
D. The cutting line for blanking must be correct and clear, with allowances for welding shrinkage and cutting edge processing.
E. The cutting of parts should be cut by shearing machine, flame cutting machine, combined punching and shearing machine, bow sawing machine, etc., depending on the specific situation, and manual cutting should be avoided as much as possible. See the table for the allowable deviation of various cutting methods and cutting surfaces
F. Local nicks with a depth of more than 1mm on the cutting surface, cuts with a depth of more than 2mm, and residual
The remaining burrs should be repaired and polished.


Cutting method and allowable deviation of cutting surface
Project name  Tolerance
Automatic and semi-automatic cutting  ±1.5mm
The non-perpendicular slope of the cutting surface is  ≤1.5mm
Cutting bevel angle  ±3°
Cutting edge dullness  ±2.0mm
Hand cut  ±2.0mm

G. The welding groove form of the component must be selected according to the welding symbol marked on the drawing and the groove form and size.

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Steel Space Frame Blanking Process
Blanking procedure of steel space grid

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