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Landscape membrane structure shed

Landscape membrane structure engineering can provide a variety of uses, and integrate with garden landscape and park landscape, creating a happy space for people to enjoy, fully demonstrating the artistic beauty of landscape membrane structure components with clear force, it cleverly integrates The surrounding environment brings people a sense of elegance, romance and warmth. In addition, due to the unique color rendering of the film material itself, it can form a gorgeous and colorful landscape under the mapping of colorful lights at night. It not only provides people with a space for shade and rain, but also because this vivid and lively shape can bring people a fashionable and simple leisure feeling, so it is widely welcomed by the public.

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1. Logo artistry. Membrane structure landscape sketch breaks through the traditional architectural structure type, relying on modeling and color science, can combine natural conditions, give full play to the architect's imagination, and create curves that are difficult to achieve in traditional buildings and various reflections of school culture according to creativity. The shape is rich in color and full of the flavor of the times, reflecting the beauty of the force of the structural components. With the light, it is easy to form a night scene, giving people the enjoyment of modern beauty.

2. A moving sense of sculpture. The membrane structure landscape shed enables architects to design various tension self-balancing, complex and vivid spatial forms. As the light changes throughout the day, the sculptural membrane structure takes on different forms through light and shadow. At sunrise and sunset, light from a low angle of incidence will accentuate the curvature and relief of the roof, and when the sun is at apogee, the streamlined boundaries of the membrane structure cast a sinuous shadow on the ground. Using the light transmittance and reflectivity of the film material, the designed artificial light can also make the film structure become a light sculpture.

3. The light transmittance of the film. The light transmittance of the film is determined by its base fiber, coating and its color. The spectral transmittance of standard film materials is between 10-20%, and the spectral transmittance of some film materials can reach 40%. Transparency. Even if the spectral transmission is only a few percent, it is still bright and transparent to the human eye, with the look and feel of a light roof. Light transmission is one of the most widely recognized properties of modern membrane structures.

4. The space span is large. The membrane material is light in weight, which fundamentally overcomes the arduous problems encountered by the traditional layout in large-span unsupported buildings. It can create a magnificent unobstructed visual space, effectively increase the degree of space utilization, and at the same time can withstand strong winds, heavy snow and hail. and other natural disasters.

5. Economical applicability. The membrane materials used in this school landscape sketch in Hebei Province are non-toxic and harmless from production to processing, have a long service life, and will not cause any impact on the environment, and they are automatically light, so the foundation construction and support system are very important. The amount of materials will be greatly reduced, which is half of the cost of ordinary campus sculpture sketches. The membrane materials, the main materials in membrane structure buildings, can be recycled and reused just now, which further saves building materials.

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