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Advantages of steel structure workshops over concrete building workshops

The cost of steel structure workshop building and concrete building is a topic of common concern. Many people think that the cost of steel structure building is higher than that of concrete building.


Advantages of steel structure workshops over concrete building workshops

The above is only a rough general analysis and comparison, for reference only. In the structural space of the steel structure, there are many holes and cavities, and the webs of the steel beams are also allowed to pass through the pipelines smaller than the diameter, which makes the layout of the pipelines more convenient, and also increases the clear height of the building, and the replacement of pipelines, Repairs are convenient. It reduces the sand, stone and cement stacking sites, and also reduces the wet work of formwork storage and transportation, on-site component prefabrication and reinforced concrete cast-in-place, which has great advantages in downtown areas or dense residential areas.

In high-intensity earthquake areas, if the weight of high-rise buildings with fortification requirements is reduced by half, it is equivalent to reducing the seismic fortification degree by one degree.

In addition, the steel structure workshop has unparalleled advantages in other structures, especially in high-rise buildings:

1. The pipeline layout is convenient.

2. The construction speed is fast, and the steel structure workshop can provide a larger space for construction and a larger construction homework area. If the specific drawings of the case project can be analyzed and compared in detail, it is very significant. Steel structural components are generally manufactured in factories and only installed in place at the construction site, with high processing precision, labor saving, and civilized on-site. Some developed countries believe that steel structures are environmentally friendly buildings that can be reused to reduce the mining of mineral resources.

Post time: Mar-04-2022