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                                                      Features of reticulated shell structure

With the development of the reticulated shell structure and a large number of engineering practice applications, the reticulated shell structure provides a novel and reasonable structural form for the construction results. This is mainly because the reticulated shell structure has the following advantages:

(1) The reticulated shell structure has the main characteristics of both the rod structure and the thin shell structure, and the force is reasonable, and it can span a large span. The reticulated shell structure is a typical space structure. Reasonable curved surface can make the structural force flow uniform, the structure has greater rigidity, small structural deformation, high stability, and saves materials.

(2) It has a beautiful architectural shape, which can give designers full creative freedom in terms of architectural plane, shape and shape. The shapes that cannot be realized by the thin shell structure and the grid structure can be realized by the reticulated shell structure. It can not only express static beauty, but also express dynamic beauty through the cutting of plane and elevation and the change of grid, support and rod.

(3) It has a wide range of applications. It can be used not only for civil and industrial buildings with medium and small spans, but also for various buildings with long spans, especially super-long-span buildings. It can adapt to various shapes on the building plane, such as circle, rectangle, polygon, sector and various irregular planes. Various curved surfaces can be formed on the building shape.

(4) Small components can be used to form a large space, and the rods are single. These components can be prefabricated in the factory to realize industrial production, easy and fast to install, adapt to the construction technology under various conditions, and do not require large equipment, so comprehensive Economic indicators are good.

(5) Easy to calculate. At present, there are many computing software in various languages suitable for various computer types in our country, which creates favorable conditions for the calculation, design and application of reticulated shell structures.

(6) Since the reticulated shell structure is in the shape of a curved surface, it forms a natural drainage function, and does not need to use small columns to find slopes like the grid structure.

Post time: Jun-06-2023