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14. Construction allowable deviation

(1) The allowable deviation of pile diameter D is ± 50.

(2) The allowable deviation of pile perpendality is 1 / 100.

Thickness table of concrete protective layer of foundation components


  • pile cap

、cushion cap

ground beam


pile body

 thickness of the protective layer

Upper (left and right)30

Upper part (left, right side)30


underpart  100

underpart  40


Note: When the thickness of the concrete protective layer of the concrete component reinforcement is greater than 50mm, strengthen in the protective layer at 6@150

The thickness of the protective layer of the reinforcement mesh and mesh reinforcement shall not be less than 25mm.

Pile model

strength grade of concrete

Eigenvalue of single-pile vertical compression bearing capacity Ra (KN)

Pile size

Pile reinforcement

Minimum pile length (m)

bearing stratum



≤1≥longitudinal bar 

Φ2Stiffening ring


spiral hoop 








It can be used for engineering pile construction after the bearing layer is more than or equal to 1.5m, which is verified to meet the bearing capacity requirements according to pile test results.  

Moderate weathered dolomite

bearing pile

Effective piles grow up to be equal to 35.0m

silty clay

16. Construction requirements for foundation groove excavation:

1). The drawings shall be fully familiar before construction, and the professional drawings shall compare with each other.Set out the line according to the general building drawing, the building construction drawing and the foundation construction drawing,

The line out results shall be reviewed by special person, and the foundation groove excavation can be conducted.

2). The excavation of the foundation trench shall follow the construction order of low, high, deep and shallow.

3). During excavation, attention should be paid to the relationship between the foundation and the retaining wall and slope within the surrounding and scope of the building, and necessary treatment measures should be taken for the slope.

4). During excavation, the depth of the holding layer shall be judged according to the site situation and the geological prospecting report, and overexcavation shall not be allowed.When using mechanical excavation of the foundation groove, a certain thickness of the soil layer must be reserved close to the design elevation. The thickness of the reserved soil layer depends on the construction level, generally preferably 200 to 500 m m.

5). When the foundation groove is excavated close to the design elevation, the groove inspection shall be conducted together with the relevant participating units. Only the next construction can be carried out after the groove inspection is qualified.

6). In case of foundation overexcavation, the design unit shall be notified in time, and the design unit shall handle it according to the actual situation.

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