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performance of steel structures

      Thermal insulation and energy saving technology Light steel structure In order to ensure the thermal insulation effect, the thermal insulation materials used in the exterior walls and roofs of buildings can be used for a long time and can be thermally insulated. Generally speaking, in addition to filling the glass fiber mesh between the wall columns of the light steel structure residential buildings, a layer of thermal insulation material is pasted on the outside of the wall, which effectively blocks the thermal bridge from the wall column to the outer wall panel; the joists between floors The interior is filled with glass fiber to reduce heat transfer through floors; all interior wall columns are filled with glass fiber to reduce heat transfer between household walls.

Fire protection technology A key issue of light steel structure is the application of fire protection technology. The fire resistance level of light steel structure residential buildings is four. For light steel structure residential buildings, fire gypsum boards are attached to both sides of the walls and the ceiling of the floor. For ordinary fire walls and sub-family walls, 25.4 mm thick (1 inch) gypsum boards are used to protect them to meet the fire protection requirements of 1 hour. The glass fiber filled between the wall columns and the floor joists also plays a positive role in protecting against fire and heat transfer.



Sound insulation technology The light steel structure is filled with glass wool between the inner and outer walls and the joists of the floor, which effectively prevents the audio part transmitted through the air, and the impact sound transmitted through the solid is treated as follows: The wall column constitutes a second wall with an intermediate space; and for the small keel used to fix the gypsum board for the ceiling, an elastic structure with a small slot is used to effectively reduce the solid sound transmission between floors.

Post time: Mar-04-2022