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Semicircular space frame structure of Jiangxi stone yard

The semi-circular space frame structure of Jiangxi Stone Quarry has a total height of 47 meters, a total span of 110 meters and a total length of 466 meters.


1. The dimensions in the figure are in (mm) unless otherwise specified, and the elevation is in (m).
2. The name of the project is the semicircular space frame structure project of Jiangxi Quarry Field, with a total height of 47 meters, a total span of 110 meters and a total length of 466 meters. Reinforced concrete frame structure. Using seismic isolation technology, the seismic isolation layer of the main building with the underground garage is located between the structural elevations, and the seismic isolation layer of the audio hall is located between -1.800m and ±0.000m. The thickness of the top plate of the seismic isolation layer is ≥160mm.
3. According to the 2016 edition of "Code for Seismic Design of Building Structures" (GB50011-2010), after the design of seismic isolation technology, the upper structure of this project can be designed according to the horizontal seismic influence coefficient maximum value αmaX is 0.16. For details of calculation and analysis, please refer to the "Isolation Design Calculation and Analysis Report".
4. The rubber bearing is arranged between the bottom of the upper pier and the top of the lower pier, LNR means natural rubber bearing, LRB means rubber bearing with lead core.
5. Seismic isolation design drawings should be used in full combination with relevant civil structure construction drawings.
(1) This project is a special project that adopts new seismic isolation technology. In order to ensure the quality of the project, the construction unit is required to have the construction experience of similar projects or the supplier has the corresponding technical guidance ability, and provide relevant certification documents;
(2) This construction drawing must be checked with the construction drawing of the upper main structure structure, the construction drawing of the foundation part structure and the rubber bearing and its technical data on site before construction;
(3) Measures should be taken to avoid or reduce damage to the original structure during construction;
(4) When serious defects are found in the original structure or the structure of the relevant hidden parts during the construction, the construction must be suspended and the design shall be notified in time;
(5) After the construction of the isolation layer is completed, the construction waste of the isolation layer must be cleaned up to keep the isolation layer clean and dry.


Post time: Mar-18-2022